Our Case Studies

Food Delivery System​

An online food requesting framework is a food requesting application that is intended to put in a request without calling or visiting occupied eateries. Regardless of whether it’s the solace of your home or an office, your longings can be fulfilled simply by choosing the food and café with this application. The application has an administrator board, conveyance kid board, eatery board, and client board. Along these lines, engaging UI/UX and simple to utilize segments empower food darlings to arrange and get food at their doorstep.

Client Requirement

In the wake of doing a ton of exploration and talking with different organizations, our customer came to us and examined their food requesting thought with us. There were different things that the customer needed in a food requesting application and for this, he needs the assistance of a specialist innovation accomplice. Subsequent to hearing the customer prerequisites, We began the investigation of task extension and venture necessities to think of the correct method to transform their thought into the real world.


During the task improvement, project climate, innovation check and time limitation were the significant difficulties that we had chipped away at. The customer needs that when the client peruses the application, they will get favored food things dependent on their as of late looked or recently requested things. The undertaking was somewhat unpredictable however was executed by our group inside the guaranteed time span.

Technologies Used

Online Video Streaming App​


Online video streaming and sharing app, is a similar concept as TikTok and has a variety of features for video creation and sharing.

Client Requirement

The client wanted a video Streaming app similar to Tiktok where users can create and share clips of 30, 45, or 60 seconds and long 10 mins videos. He wanted to have multiple features like hashtags, trends, and preference-based suggestions.


During the project development, many problems were encountered, as implementing AR stickers and advanced video editing features, one of the major issues which we faced was making the stream as smooth as possible.


We used several external libraries to make the app experience as smooth as possible and also implemented mux for streaming videos, which made the streaming experience much smoother and also we implemented other AR sticker libraries.

Technologies Used

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